The Adventurize™ advertising service allows businesses to place ads in online computer video games (specifically Minecraft®), currently played by over 35 million people across desktop and mobile devices.

How does it work?
Advertisers; Here's how it works:
  • Create your text ad easily
  • Deposit funds via creditcard, Paypal, or Google Checkout.
  • Bid on advertising traffic by continent
  • Track your ad's progress with precision
  • Boost your business - by inexpensively targeting 35+ million people across desktop and mobile devices
Server Owners; Here's how it works:
  • Add your Minecraft® server to your account
  • Install and setup server plugin easily
  • Set how often you want ads displayed, and to whom
  • Withdraw earnings via Paypal or Google Checkout
  • Keep your Minecraft® server funded and alive!